Orccona Time Line

20,000 BC: The Darklord Xenoc wipes out the civilization of Gaza in an event that is known as the Phylazian cataclysm. Extra dimensional portals at the planet’s south and north poles open. The Fey disappear without a trace. Outsiders both good and evil spread across Orccona. Orcs leave Phylaza.

2 CE: The church of the God of All is Founded.

1141: The Entity known as “Ozlow” reveals itself to the humanoid Races of the world.

1492: The grand temple of the God of All is Built in Odessa.

1631: The Dragon Wars begin in Shigalla.

1652: The Dragon Wars end. Kardos Emalia cleaves the head from the Glan Queen. He and his Dragon partner Salinar are made national Icons.

1700: Band of mercenaries hired by the Ranpurrian Monarchy discover a celestial object submerged in the ice of the Shadow Continent. Entity known as The World Tree takes root in the local ice and begins to grow. The outpost of New Vanguard is founded around the Tree. The region becomes destabilized with the death of 3 of it’s warlords. The Dark Heart War begins.

1701: The Shadow Dragon Isthral is born, and ascends to godhood. He murders Taiamat and becomes a principal dragon deity. The purple dragons are created.

1709: The Anon clan assassinates Prince Alban in Phylaza. Jaden Anon seizes control of his kingdom. The other princes take no actions.

1710: The Ranpurrian revolution. Bonray Surolian hires a team of mercenaries to assassinate the leader of the rebellion. The adventurers fail to kill the leader before the chaos begins. Peter Rope seizes control a week later. Rebellion turns on itself, and Bonray puts down the mob with a show of force. Bonray initiates a martial coupe, and seizes control of the country. He crowns himself emperor of Ranpurre.

1715: The loyalty wars begin between Ranpurre and Phylaza. Isoldod secedes from Ranpurre.

1720: A strange black pool forms outside the city limits of the town of Isten in Odessa. Isten disappears without a trace. The cosmic horror known as “The Dross” is discovered by a small band of adventurers. The Dross invades and destroys Odessa. Odessan refugees are displaced.

1734: The portals at both the planet’s poles shut. The Fey return.

1763: Reparations for the Dragon War are denied to the losers. Ashen and Elf vigilantes begin raiding Adamantine mines in and near the central parts of Shigalla.

1771: An archeological dig in the Ruins of Gaza uncovers a strange Artifact.

Orccona Time Line

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