Animal Trainer’s Outfit
Essential padded armor on steroids, this quilted suit covers the wearer from head to toe in protective padding, especially around the limbs. It is used by those who train animals and expect to get bitten a lot, such as dogs, lions, bears, and other tamable animals. Adds a +2 bonus to AC, with a max dex bonus of 2, and an armor check penalty of -7.

Artisan’s Outfit
This outfit includes a shirt with buttons, a skirt or pants with a drawstring, shoes, and perhaps a cap or hat. It may also include a belt or a leather or cloth apron for carrying tools.

Beekeeper’s Outfit
This thick, sealed suit provides protection from swarms of mundane vermin (Bees, ants, centipedes, etc…). It is essentially a suit of leather armor with a sealed mesh helmet. It provides a +6 bonus when fighting swarms. Swarms also lose their distraction ability. Otherwise, it is just a mundane suit of leather armor.


Cleric’s Vestments
These ecclesiastical clothes are for performing priestly functions, not for adventuring.

Cold Weather Outfit
A cold weather outfit includes a wool coat, linen shirt, wool cap, heavy cloak, thick pants or skirt, and boots. This outfit grants a +5 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saving throws against exposure to cold weather.

Courtier’s Outfit
This outfit includes fancy, tailored clothes in whatever fashion happens to be the current style in the courts of the nobles. Anyone trying to influence nobles or courtiers while wearing street dress will have a hard time of it (-2 penalty on Charisma-based skill checks to influence such individuals). If you wear this outfit without jewelry (costing an additional 50 gp), you look like an out-of-place commoner.

Desert Outfit
This outfit consists of loose, billowy clothing, designed to keep the wearer cool and protected from the sun while out in hot, dry, dessert terrain. It includes a caftan, turban, scarf, loose trousers, and boots or sandals. Wearing this outfit eliminates the penalties imposed by extreme heat to fortitude saves. This effect does not apply if the character is wearing armor.

Duster Coat
A duster is a coat, used by horsemen to protect their outer clothes from dust. It is a long coat that stretches down to about ankle length, with a slit in the back that stretches from the hip down. A traveling duster is a duster that is more heavily re-enforced than a normal duster, with leather at all the bending points, and additional rivets on the seams. For an additional gold, one can have their duster reinforced even further, allowing it to act as a non-magical armor enchancement, which adds 2 to armor class although it adds 5% to arcane spell failure. A duster cannot be worn over full plate armor.

Entertainer’s Outfit
This set of flashy, perhaps even gaudy, clothes is for entertaining. While the outfit looks whimsical, its practical design lets you tumble, dance, walk a tightrope, or just run (if the audience turns ugly).

Explorer’s Outfit
This is a full set of clothes for someone who never knows what to expect. It includes sturdy boots, leather breeches or a skirt, a belt, a shirt (perhaps with a vest or jacket), gloves, and a cloak. Rather than a leather skirt, a leather overtunic may be worn over a cloth skirt. The clothes have plenty of pockets (especially the cloak). The outfit also includes any extra items you might need, such as a scarf or a wide-brimmed hat.

Fur Clothing
This thick set of furs and animal hides prevents rapid loss of heat. Treat as a suit of hide armor that grants a +5 bonus against saves verses cold. Stacks with cold weather outfit and winter cloak.

Ghillie Suit
A ghillie suit is a camouflaged outfit that resembles heavy foliage. Gathering foliage for the suit takes about 3 minutes, and a DC 10 Survival check. After that a further 5 minutes must be taken to attach it to the suit. When set up this way, the suit will add a +5 bonus to hide checks in foliage from the same environment as the ghillie suit’s construction.

Heat Suit

Knife Bandoleer
This over the shoulder strap holds a large number of daggers to your chest, and provides knife throwers everywhere with a great convenience. A knife bandoleer holds 15 daggers, and drawing them counts as a free action.

Monk’s Outfit
This simple outfit includes sandals, loose breeches, and a loose shirt, and is all bound together with sashes. The outfit is designed to give you maximum mobility, and it’s made of high-quality fabric. You can hide small weapons in pockets hidden in the folds, and the sashes are strong enough to serve as short ropes.

Miner’s Helmet
This metal cap has a small enclosed well used for holding candles or burning oil. It illuminates a 10 foot cone in front of the wearer when burnt.

Noble’s Outfit
This set of clothes is designed specifically to be expensive and to show it. Precious metals and gems are worked into the clothing. To fit into the noble crowd, every would-be noble also needs a signet ring (see Adventuring Gear, above) and jewelry (worth at least 100 gp).

Peasant’s Outfit
This set of clothes consists of a loose shirt and baggy breeches, or a loose shirt and skirt or overdress. Cloth wrappings are used for shoes.

Royal Outfit
This is just the clothing, not the royal scepter, crown, ring, and other accoutrements. Royal clothes are ostentatious, with gems, gold, silk, and fur in abundance.

Scholar’s Outfit
Perfect for a scholar, this outfit includes a robe, a belt, a cap, soft shoes, and possibly a cloak.

Spelunker’s Outfit

Traveler’s Outfit
This set of clothes consists of boots, a wool skirt or breeches, a sturdy belt, a shirt (perhaps with a vest or jacket), and an ample cloak with a hood.

Mittens cover your hands and prevent them from going numb in the arctic ice box. Reduce Dex damage from cold environments by half.

Grant + 2 bonus to spot checks in heavy precipitation and while under water. Protect wearer vision related maladies such as blinding light, gaze attacks, and blinding sprays, such as a white ooze’s acid splash.

Smuggler’s Boots

Snow Shoes
Eliminates penalties related to movement impediment from heavy snow.

Winter Cloak
Grants a + 2 bonus on saves vs. the cold.

Utility Belt
A utility belt is a thick leather strap worn around the waist filled with pockets, loops, hooks, and catches. It can be used to store several items handy on your person for quick access. You may draw something from a utility belt as a move action rather then a standard action it would take to retrieve from a sack or backpack. A utility belt can hold 20 fine items or 10 diminutive ones.


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