Azurite- The Azure islands contain a microcosm of civilizations, not powerful enough to make a major impact on the world scale. An enormous range of host of species, people, and religions clash, coexist, and work together like no other place on Orccona. Any race, religion, alignment or orientation can be found on one of the islands in the Azure Sea.

  • Bonus feat at first level
  • 4 extra skill points at first level.

Isolian- Isoldod is a small territory of Ranpurre that broke away during the Ranpurrian revolution. It has only been a few decades, but the Isolian people have embraced their independence with open arms. Keeping with the traditional monarchy, Isoldod is a land of rolling hills and thick, impenetrable temperate dark forests. Isoldod’s greatest accomplishment is a tremendous leap in metallurgy technology which has been collectively referred to as “Isolian Steel”. This new alloy is twice as strong, twice as flexible, and retains an edge twice as long as ordinary carbon steel. Isoldod’s not particularly diverse, but has a decent heterogeneous mix of elves and dwarves to balance the human population. Isoldod’s metal working advances attract a great number of dwarves in particular. Isolian people are gruff, even by Ranpurrian standards. They are staunch, upright, and can some times even seem emotionally dead. Their no nonsense attitude is rarely broken, and only certain festivals allow the Isolians to show their true colors. Isolians are talented navigators both by land and sea, but their greatest pride is their tradition of smithing. Isoldod houses one of the largest refineries in the world, and produces some of the finest crafted weapons produced in the last century. Isolians enjoy short, straight forward conversations, rare metals, hard work, solitude, and their monarchy.

  • Endurance Feat
  • +2 bonus to Craft (Metalwork) and Spot
  • Automatic Languages: Dwarven

Odessan- The holy country of the north, Odessa is literally seated at the top of the world. Odessa is a massive sheet of ice, characterized by the blinding light that is reflected by its constantly melting and refreezing snow. Odessa is famed for it’s convent of churches, an enormous congregations of multiple faiths living in harmony. The people of Odessa are know for their generosity, kindness, and obsession with being polite (to the point it might get a little scary). Almost everyone has some sort of spirituality, if they are not a priest or paladin outright. Odessa is in abundance of medical knowledge, and is the world’s leader in health care innovations both mundane and magical. Because Odessa is a faith state, it is considered a social faux pas to attack them openly. Odessa chooses to stay out of most conflicts, and opts to attempt reconciliation missions to waring nations. While alignments and religions may be wildly different, many Odessans choose non-violence as their mantra, and debate is the country’s national pastime. Odessans enjoy speech, meditation, free love, travel, solving disputes, and prayer.

  • May turn undead at half your hit dice once per day. If you are a cleric, you gain the Extra Turning feat.
  • +2 bonus to Heal and Knowledge (Religion)
  • Automatic Languages: Celestial

Phylazian- Phylaza is one of the oldest nations in the world, and is often called the crucible of civilization. Massive savannah and sandy dessert planes, Phylaza is known for it’s blistering summers, and jagged sandstorms. The people of Phylaza are broken up into several city-states, each ruled by a respective prince. The princes form an uneasy balance of alliances, treaties, enemies and armies. No matter what the current political climate however, Phylazian people are always doing what they do best: Trade. Some of the most shrewd merchants in the world are from Phylaza, and nearly anything can be found in a Phylazian shop or Bazar. In addition to tradeing, gambling is one of Phylaza’s mainstays. Massive palaces dedicated to chance and the gods of luck and fortune are the centerpiece of any Phylazian community. Phylaza is primarily human governed, and is considered to be one of the LEAST diverse nations on Orccona. Of the few non-human races that do dwell in the dessert, the Thri-kreen and dwarves are the most predominant. Phylaza is also one of the least developed nations industrially, opting to trade for most of the finished and manufactured products from other nations. Aside from their shrewd trading, Phylaza’s economy propels itself forward on Gaxa, a strange cactus used to make pox, and it’s gem and mithral mines. It also has a great abundance of fertile land to it’s northern boarder with Shallencia, a stretch of land it has fought numerous wars over. Phylazians enjoy Pox, sex, gambling, a great trade, money, and exotic architecture. Phylazians take a great deal of pride in and are always fiercely loyal to their city state, and a Phylazian without one is usually a wanted criminal.

  • Fire Resistance 5
  • +2 bonus to Appraise and Open Lock
  • Automatic Languages: Thri-kreen

Ranpurrian- The Nation of Ranpurre has a long standing military history. Originally run by a monarchy that over the centuries devolved into despicable decadence, Ranpurre’s new leader Emperor Surolian has returned Ranpurre to the powerhouse conquering state it used to be. Ranpurrian soldiers are famed for their ferocity and grace on the battle field, and the Ranpurrian sword, the famed Ranpurrian Calvary Saber, is considered the finest melee weapon available. Ranpurre’s main export is Darkwood, as super light, ultra dense wood that does not burn. Ranpurre is built on miles of open swamp and marsh lands. While it’s glades are teaming with a verity of life, space for housing and development is few and far between. Most Ranpurian settlements are built on large peat embankments. Most of the towns and cities are highly urbanized, teaming with factories and high rising, cramped city living conditions. Some small settlements exist on the outskirts of the cities. These consist of a number of small huts on stilts. Ranpurrians enjoy smoking, fighting, fine wine, well made industrial metal and being told what to do. Ranpurrians tend to be stern and straight forward. While many artists and intellectuals are born and raised in Ranpurre, the country’s mindset is military. Fencing is the ranpurrian national sport, and soldiers and civilians alike come from all over the country to try their luck at the national tournament in the capital of Verpie. Those growing up in the back woods are prone to practicing voodoo, while city dwellers tend more towards The God of All faith.

  • Weapon Finesse Feat
  • +2 bonus to Intimidate and Tumble
  • Automatic Languages: Elvish

The Shadow Continent- This black, cold, dark, cursed strip of ice is so universally despised and feared, it doesn’t even have a proper name (That most can remember…). The shadow continent is a place where the sun literally never shines. Miles and miles of uninhabitable ice for as far as the eye can see in the raging snowstorms and pitch-black darkness, the shadow continent can only support small communities and wandering bands of nomads. The shadow continent is ruled by constantly infighting warlords desperately vieing for power, only to be toppled or stabbed in the back. The Shadow Continent’s most notable feature is a massive inter-planner portal known as “The Pit”. The Pit is unique, in that it does not lead to a single neatherverse, but ALL of them. This allows a flooding host of demons, devils, yugloth, and all manner of evil outsiders to spill into Orcoona. They tend to band together, and replicate something similar to the blood war of their home planes. The people of the Shadow Continent live frightened, frantic existence, usually drowning themselves in some sort of drug to numb the knowledge that they will inevitably be devoured either spiritually or physically by some cosmic otherworldly horror. People of the Shadow Continent enjoy getting drunk very quickly and making snarky remarks.

  • 5 Resistance to Cold
  • Darkvision 10 feet
  • Automatic Languages: Orc

Shallencia- The state of Shallgencia, located along the strip of land between Phylaza and Ranpurre. Shallgencia’s fertile soil and rich open lands have been the coveted prize of it’s two larger neighbors. Ranpurre and Phylaza have gone to war numerous times attempting to take Shallencia by force. The three nations form a sort of uneasy balance of power that keeps the blood shed to a minimum. The welcoming green flatlands in Shallencia lead to a great influx of Phylazian residents, socially exiled from their own home. Shallencia is famous for taking in exiles and criminals fleeing justice from other nations. Shallencia is one of the only two nations world wide to have a democratic system of government (Outer Shigalla being the other, with Shigalla existing as more of a united republic). Shallencia is also much more united than Phylazia, because the cities do not feud. At least, not in the political way. The national past-time of Shallencia is sport fighting. Each of the many cities in the country is more like a centralized stadium, with a metropolis built around it (including more, smaller stadiums). However, fighting is strictly contained in the stadiums, stemming from a strong lawful trend in the population. To ensure this is the case, Shallencia has the best police force in the nation, mostly composed of Paladins (Similar to Odessa’s Order of the Standing Stars) Shallencia’s police force’s strength revolves around the ability to quickly diffuse dangerous situations, and respond quickly when summoned. It is told that the Shallencian police can respond to a call anywhere in any part of any city in 30 seconds flat. The largest, most famous stadium in Shallencia is Cal’doso, located in the country’s capital city of Phylkatsa. This stadium is home to the greatest tournament in Shallencia; The Cal’sheekah. This tournament brings in crowds from the entire nation, and it is held once every five years. A niche exists for enchanters and alchemists to set up shops in many of the cities, selling arcane weapons and performance enhancement drugs to warriors trying to get a leg up in competition. Shallencians, naturally, enjoy a good fight. They are usually quite lawful, but many can get provoked to fight relatively easily, especially with a belly full of drink. They are mostly peaceful, however, and tend to think of fighting as nothing more than a sport. Other than their love for fighting, however, the population of Shallencia is very diverse.

  • Improved Unarmed Strike feat
  • +2 bonus to Trip and Disarm rolls
  • Extra Bonus Language

Shigallan (outer)- The republic of Shigalla is one of the most influential nations in all of Orccona. With their booming Adamantine industries, rich and abundant fertile fields, and large number of chromatic dragons to lend their power and wisdom to both the work force and the government, Shigalla is top dog on the geo-political scale. Famed for their picturesque landscape and numerous opportunities for success, Shigalla is filled with a diverse group of races, religions, and philosophies, only second to the Azure Isles. Most of the republic is on rocky mountain out cropping, or low flatlands, but the major cities are all beautiful gems carved right into the mountains themselves. Shigalla is famed for it’s riflemen, and has the most accurate snipers in the world. The people of Shigalla are usually very friendly and love singing, partying, grain alcohol, shooting, and relaxing. Because of their success, People of the Republic of Shigalla have a very laid back attitude, which most people mistake for laziness. The Republic of Shigalla holds a rifle competition in Kulbu-eastar, the nation’s capital twice a year.

  • +2 Charisma
  • +2 bonus to Diplomacy and Sense Motive
  • Automatic Languages: Draconic

Shigallan (inner)- The heartland wilds of Shigalla are home to some of the worlds most diverse and dangerous creatures known to man. The wildmen of the jungles of Shigalla are fierce, hardy, and self-sufficient. The wild lands are constantly competing with the Republic for space, and usually end up losing any disputes thanks to the republic’s better organization and industrial weapons. Still, hundreds of miles of jungle stretch from one side of Shigalla to the other, and the forest is still in no immediate danger of drying up yet. There is a large population of Ashen and Elves in the jungles, with a staggeringly small population of humans and dwarves. Most humans that come to the wilds are fugitives, but there are many exceptions. Inner Shigalla recognizes no formal government. The small tribal settlements within the over growth are self sustaining entities. While the jungle people are very diverse, they all have a deep tie to the land, and the beasts within. Many who live in the jungles respect nature, and all the gifts that she bestows on her children.

  • +2 Constitution
  • +2 bonus to Handle Animal and Survival
  • Automatic languages: Asheniese

Zephian- This little sizable island in the Eylasic channel (the body of water that separates Shigalla from Ranpurre, Phylaza and Odessa) is home to some of the world’s most accomplished wizards and Scholars. The Zephium is a hot bed of extra-planar activity, as well as geothermic and barometric. Every major nation on the planet has a small collection of scholars working together on various research projects, and is fast becoming a step towards globalized society. As a scholar nation, Zephium is far removed from petty squabbles of world politics, and is focused solely on the pursuit of knowledge and/or profit from knowledge. Because of this, respected Zephian mages can seem aloof, arrogant, and conceited. Zephium’s numerous academies, research labs, and universities are overseen by the high council, and oligarchy of elected mages who write and enforce their laws. Zephian people are all the best and brightest from all around the world. Their races and backgrounds are varied, but their desire for study uniformly drives them all.

  • Augment Summoning Feat
  • +2 bonus to Spell Craft and Knowledge Arcana
  • Extra Bonus language


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